Monday, May 23, 2011

Inch by inch, it's a cinch !!

I'm moving slowly!! But I got an early start (to beat the heat)!! Other than moving from one space to another (in January), it has been over six months since I towed the T@B. I have to think about each step to be sure I did everything correctly. (Yes, T@Bers on the forum, I've checked my Ready-Set-Tow list.) Now, last minute laundry, more cleaning as things are put away. (Wipe down the electric cord, wipe down the garden hose; wipe down the TV lead-in cord, etc., etc. You RVer's know the drill?!) I "moved" across the street to a level site. I think I'll just "hang out" here (puttering) until an early departure tomorrow morning.

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  1. Safe and happy travels when you're on your way. Keep up the posts and find some heat relief soon.


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