Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rainy day in Goshen, IN

Rainy day for last hours of Escapee's Escapade. The weather reflects our mood as all the festivities wind down. Now we have to say "goodbye" to friends. Beautiful sunny days and moderate temperature Sunday through Wednesday.

Dutchmen (that built the T@Bs until 2009) didn't have a water pump for me. They sent me to Menards (and they couldn't help...) and Menard's sent me to a store that caters to the boater and fisherman. The old gentleman (at the latter) is going the second and third mile to attempt to provide a pump. I always hate to impose on people so said "That's OK. I'll just rely on a gallon container of water as I need it." He insisted.... I'll let you know when I have running water again--at the sink.

For the T@BBer family, here's the address for Service & Parts:
Dutchmen Manufacturing
2402 Dierdorff Rd (County Road 27)
Goshen, IN 46526

I share this information because there is no sign on the building. I drove around in circles trying to locate.... After I found... and they couldn't help with a water pump, I was given a T@B Manual and Dutchmen coffee mug. Note: Originally, I drove to the Dutchmen address in the Goshen phone book and no signs other than "Visitor Parking." No reception area!! I finally found an employee and she said "Go back to the main road and make a left. Go to next street and make another left."

Postscript, Monday, 9/27/2010: The old water pump (submersible) on the left; the new purchase on the right. Strangely, that little pump was "too small" and I (later) bought a larger one. The larger pump spits, sputters, and LEAKS!! I worked yesterday (seemingly for hours) trying to stop the leak and regulate the flow. The original pump was so quiet--and faithful. The new pump is a "challenge"!! ~~ See my more recent blog.


  1. Lorraine, if it is a marine pump, I have friends in FL who can help. I'll email you some more info. Does the pump just need parts? Or do you really need a whole new pump motor? Marine suppliers also have hand and foot pumps that would not require battery power, but would alter the original set up.

  2. Lorraine,
    It has taken me ONLY 4 months since Waterside NB to check out your blog. :( I started reading on August 1st and have gotten here to Sept. 17 and still haven't read about Waterside. Did you write about it?
    Debbie (& Ken)


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