Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year


I want to bring everyone up-to-date. First: I'm so distraught about the critical situation in Haiti. I watch the news and agonize for the citizens of that devastated nation!! I wish there was something I could do!! But I'll follow the instructions of two former Presidents (recently interviewed as they step up to assist) and I'll make a sacrificial monetary donation.

Second: The Southeast has experienced severe cold for several weeks. I've used the enforced indoor time to work on "downsizing." I've been working on the project for months but now I am in high gear!! Soon I'll be down to a minimum and it is so liberating to extricate myself from possessions that have possessed me. Tentatively I plan to rent a Pack Rat container to store household items for another apartment, and memorabilia for the children and grandchildren. Pack Rat will transport the container to a subsequent location when I find a new locale to call home.

Third: Lord willing, I hope to start off with the TaB and visit some of the National Parks that Ken Burns beautifully showcased on recent PBS programs. I've signed up with Workamper and maybe I'll find a place of meaningful employment.

Stepping out in Faith
by Sue Towler

Thank you Lord for bringing me
To the end of another year
Forgive my imperfections
They are many though I fear
Selfishness and greed and pride
Lack of contentment too
Prayer times short and hurried
And these are but a few.

As I commence the year ahead
I commit it Lord to you
Help me to trust you hour by hour
Please fill my life anew
Teach me your way, direct my thoughts
All I do or say
Stay close beside me for I need
You with me day by day.

Show me where I can be of help
To others, make me see
The needs of those around me
Who are far worse off than me
Help me to count my blessings
To be grateful and content
Not forgetting to say "Thank you"
For all your love has meant.

Lay your healing hands dear Lord
On all who need your touch
The sick in mind and body
Who suffer oh so much
Comfort those whose loved ones
Have recently been "Called home"
May they learn to trust your promise
That they are not alone.

So as bells ring in the New Year
Its contents all unknown
I place my hand in yours Lord
And I know I'll never be alone
No matter what befalls me
Balmy days or stormy weather
My Saviour will be with me
And we'll face each trial together.