Saturday, April 30, 2011

T@B 2011 Blue Ridge Rally

Sharon does such a great job describing the activities at the T@B Blue Ridge Rally (and other rallies). ~~ The Rally even made the TV news!! ~~ Wish I was there!! (But I've felt obliged to stay with the volunteer job that my Heavenly Father called me to.)

Y'all come !! Friends & family welcome !!

The last RV just departed so there is a "straight shot" from my T@B to the bath room. (Pictures from corner of the bath room building and from my site.) The 5th-wheel is unoccupied 'til next Fall. I believe there are now only six "occupied" units.

Meet some recent visitors

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

With so many people recently homeless from the devastating tornadoes, I'm extremely grateful for my tiny T@B!! My "castle" is unquestionably tiny; my TV is, likewise, very small (6" x 3.25" screen)!! I watched the Royal Wedding today. Did you? Such a contrast: Breathtaking beauty in Great Britain, incomprehensible destruction in areas of the United States.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I don't have a doggie door !!

All of my blog messages have been pretty serious the last couple of weeks. Here's a message "on the lighter side." A Florida woman found an alligator in her bathroom.

More frightening than an alligator?! Tornadoes swept through the Mid-west and some Southern states causing devastation and loss of life. My T@B friends--at the Blue Ridge Rally--had to seek shelter--in the middle of the night--when warning sirens and weather radios alerted them to possible danger. ~~ Read about the 2011 Blue Ridge Rally.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection Sunday

Holy God we praise Thy name !!

Holy God we praise Thy name

1. Holy God, we praise thy name;
Lord of all, we bow before thee;
all on earth thy scepter claim;
all in heaven above adore thee.
Infinite thy vast domain;
everlasting is thy reign.

2. Hark the glad celestial hymn
angel choirs above are raising;
cherubim and seraphim,
in unceasing chorus praising,
fill the heavens with sweet accord:
Holy, holy, holy Lord.

3. Lo! the apostolic train
joins thy sacred name to hallow;
prophets swell the glad refrain,
and the white-robed martyrs follow.
And from morn to set of sun,
through the church the song goes on.

4. Holy Father, Holy Son,
Holy Spirit: three we name thee,
though in essence only one;
undivided God we claim thee,
and adoring bend the knee
while we own the mystery.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Ten Commandments

The movie, The Ten Commandments, was on ABC Televisions stations tonight. Did you watch it?? Four and one-half hours (because of commercial breaks)!! On the other hand, The Passion of the Christ was shown without any commercial interruptions. Good news: you still have six more opportunities to watch The Passion of the Christ on TBN television!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

A traditional old hymn of faith: Are you washed in the blood? The shed blood of Jesus Christ isn't a popular topic!! The Rapture (May 21st) is scoffed at with many disparaging comments!!
~~ Psalm 9:1-2, 7-14 ~~

He Chose the Cross