Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Best Seller !!

"Lorraine, you are so 'Victorian.' You have lost touch with reality!! This is the 21st Century." ~~ Reply: I'd rather receive approval from the Omniscient God than fickle friendships. Please read my heartfelt plea from a very Victorian publication: The Holy Bible, the King James translation, Psalm 86. Read my comments in an earlier blog message.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Au contraire !!

A neighbor just walked by with his dog and said "It takes us all day to clean our RV; it takes you 30 minutes." My reply: "Not so; it took me all morning!!" My day isn't finished: I have laundry to do, dishes to wash, and trash to carry to the receptacle. It's 12 noon, 90 degrees inside the T@B, 76 degrees outside. The projected high for today: 83 to 85 degrees. It is a remarkably beautiful day!! (Something yet to be determined: Will my little T@B be an oven the next few weeks??)

I "planted" Walmart artificial flowers. I decorated the picnic table. I'll be washing a sweat shirt, two sweaters and a coat--to pack away!! I cleaned the little electric heater and packed it away.

Postscript, 5:00 PM: Every "thing" is squeaky clean. I feel so "grubby" and in desperate need of a shower. This is my first respite since I published the earlier information. So much has been accomplished!! Mid-afternoon, I had two visitors--and the husband asked if there was anything that needed repair. I hesitantly said "yes, but I've been living with the problem for months and can continue to live with the problem." He insisted I tell him so I told about the water pump that has continued to leak. He quickly found the culprit and made the repair. I knew it would be a simple solution!! ~~ It is 85 degrees inside the T@B; it is 84 degrees outside the T@B.
Postscript, 2/27/11, 11:30 AM: Did I question whether the T@B would be an oven?? Maybe we should compare it to a sauna?? I "dug" a fan out of the KIA and have it on high. Even with the fan, it is 88 degrees inside... and 75 delightful degrees outside!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shuttle launch

My pictures are meaningful to one person: Lorraine!! I'm delighted that I saw the oft-postponed launch of the Discovery space shuttle. Picture #2 & #3 fail to portray the glint of sunlight on the shuttle and/or booster rocket. Pictures #4 thru #7 show the vapor trail. Picture #8, when I returned to the T@B; the white spot in the exact middle is the last of the vapor trail. Note: Driving distance is 39 miles from Wycliffe to Kennedy Space Center. See my blog regarding Challenger shuttle. Yes, pictures #1 & #2 show the same pond where I photographed the full moon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

At my desk at Wycliffe Associates

I'm back at my desk at Wycliffe Associates. I would have liked to accompany the caravan. It was so comfortable to fellowship with men and women who believe (as I do) that Judgment Day--and the Rapture--is May 21st, 2011. But I don't want to force open a door (so to speak) that never opened to me. I contacted Family Radio in September expressing my desire to travel with the caravans. They wanted continuity of the message, and distinct appearance. Had I wanted to travel as a team member was a possibility. However (rightly or wrongly) I didn't want to abandon my T@B and KIA in Oakland, California (or elsewhere). I believe that God, my Heavenly Father, opened the door for me to volunteer at Wycliffe Associates!! However, I often feel like I am a stranger in a foreign land.

Remember, I am in a transient community: Volunteers are coming and going regularly. They ask "How long are you staying??" I answer "Until the Rapture." There is always a variety of remarks like "You must expect to live a l-o-n-g time." I tell them "The Holy Bible has revealed to Bible scholars that May 21st, 2011, is the Day of Judgement, and the Rapture." Several times a week, dear, precious, wonderful, good, kind, considerate, thoughtful, loving people do everything from giggle to a belly-laugh. They don't share my conviction.

I think my Heavenly Father has a sense of humor so He might say: "I never promised you a rose garden." Not one of the many hymns I often share or a well-written poem; a secular song. So (as long as I am welcome) I will follow the schedule of events in this Wycliffe idyllic setting--and contribute God-given clerical skills.

FYI: I did not use volunteer time to write and publish this blog; it was prepared on Sunday evening, in my tiny T@B!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Belong to Jesus

No one ever cared for me like Jesus (true statement). I searched for love and found rejection!! All that changed since Jesus came into my heart and I embraced the truth that I've never been alone. ~~ What a friend we have in Jesus!! ~~ 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!!

Three months until Judgment Day and the Rapture. I reference you back to my earlier blog: Where will you spend Eternity?

Personally, it is my prayer that I'll be caught up in the Rapture and I'll fly away. ~~ I'm bound for the promised land.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Signs of the Times !!

Caravaning -- Daytona

If there is such an ailment, I have "traffic" phobia. As I write this (8:00 AM), I am conflicted: Do I join the Caravan today and tomorrow?? For two days, I had the privilege of riding in one of the RVs. Today, and tomorrow, I'll be driving my car. The caravans are leaving the Orlando area for the Daytona Beach area. Traffic (IMHO) will be horrific due to an influx of race enthusiasts (Daytona 500). "The Spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." Mark 14:38-b
2:30 PM: The "flesh" prevailed!! I opted to stay "home"--in relative isolation--and work on the blog. Not only do I have "traffic" phobia, I'm obsessive-compulsive. I want to publish... before the news is stale.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Caravaning -- Day Two -- Orlando area

Ready to leave (8:15 AM) to rendezvous with the caravan. They are spending several nights in the KOA RV Park about five miles from Wycliffe Associates (how convenient [for me]). I'm riding with the ladies who, incidentally, have now driven over 9,000 miles (since leaving Oakland, California).
Home (in the door) at 7:57 P.M.
Pictures and details follow Caravaning Day One.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caravaning -- Day One -- Orlando area

Caravaning with Family Radio recreation vehicles--in and around Orlando. ~~ Last two pictures, FYI: We shopped in a Wal-Mart before leaving that location. A lady, in line at the cashier, was still carrying the tract we had given her earlier.

Caravaning -- Day Two -- Orlando area

Friday, February 18th, 2011. (1) Before leaving the RV Park, discussing the schedule. (2) Bible reading and prayer before departure. (3-5) A quiet city park to have a worship service. (6) Sheila on the swings. (7) Margaret making phone calls to volunteers. (8) Bible study. (9) Men's choir. (10) Hymn singing. (11-12) Listening to the message. (13-16) Fuel for the RVs. (17-18) Fuel for the volunteers. Fast food; carry out!!!! (19-20) Handing outs tracts at Wal-Mart. (Ignore the time stamp. I wanted these pictures to follow those of day one.)