Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whatcha been doin' ?

I'm "deflated" like the image to our right. My balloon burst; my battery is dead!!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I do not have access to the Internet at my apartment. I didn't have the energy to travel one long block from the apartment to the RV Park so I could use DSL in the Activity Center. Yesterday I spent the entire day in my pajamas and moved from comfortable chair to the bed, and vice-versa.

This morning I followed up on a (just received) cell phone voice-mail message that turned out to be over 24 hours old. Had I received the message... I would have been at the reception desk at this very hour. Cell phone service is limited for everyone (not just yours truly).

At the Activity Center, in the RV Park, I searched the Web for the best price for phone and Internet service. I despise the $55. per month plus tax (!!!!) but I can't procrastinate.

I wanted to let you know why several days have passed since the previous blog.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Early attic !!

My furniture is all "early attic"!! The trunks made the trip from Oklahoma to California--in the 1930's--before I was born!! They are full of pictures, and memorabilia. They are "too heavy"... but I hate to part with them. ~~ The folding metal shelves (book cases) are less than a decade old. They are "manageable" for this old lady.

Whatcha do on Thursday?

Regarding Thurs., June 23rd: I've lost track of the number of boxes I've moved!! It may be quite a while before I unpack kitchen extras stored above the cabinets.

Whatcha do on Friday?

A very relaxing day as receptionist in the main lobby!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guess what I did today ??

No fair; you peeked. ~~ I've set a goal for myself: Before December 31st, 2011, sell or donate a lot of this "stuff." ~~ What will I do with the family pictures and memorabilia?? ~~ Last picture (before the cartoon): The state of disarray for one week!! ~~ Gospel truth: I had to come to the RV Park Activity Center so I could rest!! I couldn't sit down and relax today because I'd see something that needed to be done!! ~~ (No WiFi or DSL at the apartments. I'll have to subscribe to an expensive service or continue to use DSL here at the RV Park. ~~ I'm "storing" the T@B right where it has been for the last month!! Fifty cents a day!!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The lighter side of work

After several strenuous days, it was a delight to go to "work" at the Mexico Museum. A few visitors but mainly a quiet time--a time for prayer and praise. ~~ In the apartment, I sit down to rest but almost immediately jump up because I think of something that needs to be done. The only way to rest is to walk away from the apartment!!

Have you heard of "Letterboxing"? While working at the Museum today, a young lady came in and asked for a stamp pad. "I beg your pardon; what do you need?" (It was such a strange request, I wasn't sure I heard correctly.) "An ink pad. I need it for a scavenger hunt." ~~ This was only my second time working at the Museum so I'm quite a novice. However, I had observed an ink pad on the desk in the office and gave it to her. As she disappeared out the door, I wondered if I'd ever see her again.

Moments later I saw the figure of a person outside one of the opaque windows. Later, a man entered the museum with our stamp pad and explained how he--and his daughter--are traveling around--following a map--looking for hidden objects. As I understood it: There is a rubber stamp that identifies this destination (Mexico Museum) and the participant stamps his/her notebook. Father/daughter's ink pad was dry so no image. ~~ Isn't that interesting??

FYI: I've added pictures--and details--to several blogs that follow "A new chapter is being written." I wanted the information in chronological order.

(1) Heating water for tea. (2) Time for a shower. (3) Amenities not found in my T@B. (4) Watching "Good Morning America." (5) The view. (6 & 7) Leaving for work. (8) "Work" at the Mexico Museum. (9 & 10) The window referenced....


My "get up and go got up and went"!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of summer !!

First day of summer!! Yippees, it's hot!! I didn't get in to the apartment any too soon!! It was miserable in the T@B on Sunday night; blissful sleeping Monday night in the apartment. ~~ So-o-o-o-o-o much to do!! I'm exhausted!! (Notice the punctuation?? The exclamation marks are not an exaggeration!!) ~~ I'm in the RV Park Activity Center with two objectives: Work on the blog and do my laundry. I have the everyday laundry plus things (from the PODS) that needed washing. ~~ It is 99 degrees in the T@B at 3:15 PM!! ~~ I hope to upload more pictures and publish a couple more blogs with new information. ~~ 95 degrees at 6:15 PM (in the T@B). Projected high, today, for our area: 96 degrees but humidity made it "feel like" over 100 degrees!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new chapter is being written !!

On Wednesday afternoon and evening I was searching Craigslist for an older Class A or Class C motorhome. (I need[ed] something I could drive off the RV Park site once every 90 days. A trailer wouldn't "do" because my KIA wouldn't be able to tow it.) I found two I wanted to see and planned to travel on Thursday morning. I shared details with several knowledgeable men owning Class A motorhomes. They voiced a long list of things to double-check before I made a commitment.

I had a restless night. "Am I doing the right thing, Lord?" (Considering the heat, I feel I need to have a place with air-conditioning.) By light of day, I was thinking "I'll drive over at mid-day. I'll join some new acquaintances for 'Hugs & Mugs' (coffee break at 10 o'clock)."

I met new folks that had already heard of me--and had seen "that cute little trailer." The manager of the Waxhaw Creek apartments came in for coffee and said "Stop by my office before you leave the area."

Long story short: Before noon I had signed the lease papers for an apartment on the JAARS campus!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!

Back at the Activity Center in the RV Park, I phoned PODS to arrange delivery of my container. I was delighted that it could arrive as early as Saturday. Every RVer in the Park was relieved that I wasn't buying an old, old motorhome!!

Friday morning--at "work" at lobby reception--I arranged with a strong young man to recruit other strong young men to help unload.

Friday morning--at "work" at lobby reception--the apartment manager asks if I could have the PODS delivered Friday night for early unload on Saturday morning. "I'll inquire." I called PODS and (long story short) they would attempt but an extra $75.00 fee. "OK" (because I wanted to please the apartment manager). Before the conversation was over--with PODS--the $75.00 fee was waived and the $184.00 fee for delivery. No other fees due because I had scheduled pick-up of the PODS before my monthly billing date. Isn't that incredible?? I feel so blessed!!