Saturday, October 31, 2009

Accolade & Angst

I religiously follow the messages on the Yahoo TaB group. I've learned so much from their messages--and all the files with valuable information. This is the friendliest group I have ever belonged too. It's encouraging to experience such camaraderie!! I feel that individuals get a substantial bonus with the purchase of a T@B Teardrop trailer: They get a support group!! I'm sending a big bouquet of roses to my new T@BBer friends!!

On my other "blog," titled
In My Humble Opinion, I'm attempting to be a "support" person for buyers / owners of Little Guy Teardrop trailers. I loved my Little Guy and that heartfelt message went far and wide as I published Little Guy Teardrop Trailer Travels. I received so many e-mail messages from people who have followed my travels.

Problems surfaced with my Little Guy but I didn't have a support group to turn to for answers. I didn't receive assistance from Little Guy International (sales), or Little Trailer Company (manufacturer). I was a single, senior woman forced to make repairs on-her-own. ~~ I'm not complaining. I tell you this so you can understand how grateful I am for the T@B support group.

I've been distracted lately.... I should have finished writing about my trip from Shipshewana, Indiana, to Shelby, North Carolina. You can pick up the details if you go to Divine Appointment and follow the trip chronologically.

So Cute !!

The following message was on the Yahoo T@B forum. I fell in love with that little toy!! I felt compelled to share this picture with you!!

Here in Erie, Pennsylvania, the snow has already flown once. My T@B has been in storage for over 3 weeks, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

But... I did find this die-cast toy to put at my desk at work to keep my eyes open for spring!

2007 T-1

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Triangle Reflectors

During the recent campout at 4-Paws Kingdom, comparisons were made between my German-built T@B and U.S.-built. The fact that I have the triangle reflectors caught the attention of the men. ~~ Thirty minutes after I originally published this post--and after reading another message explaining where to find the picture--I copied it and edited it for comparison here.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy T@B Campers

These happy campers are entered in the Cutest Dog Competition. More information later about how to vote for them. The web site malfunctioned every time I logged in.

Here's the message from the Yahoo T@b group.

Hi Everybody,

I entered a cutest dog photo contest with a picture of my two Miniature Schnauzers in our 2008 T@B. It's a really cute picture of them, they love to go camping in the T@B! If you would like to vote for them the link is you can vote every day until Thanksgiving. If we win any money we will be making a donation to BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY, which is a great rescue organization for all sorts of animals!!

Thanks! Michelle C

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

South Paw T@Bs

Paul posted a message on the forum today (10/20/09) regarding South Paw T@Bs. I found another picture while searching the Web for the Tabbert X-ray picture of a T@B. The X-ray picture sent to me, as an attachment, is "read only." I would like to add that image to pictures of the inside of my unit. I found this picture at the following website: ~~ The image is not reversed. These were built for Australia or the United Kingdom. Entry doors have to be on the curb side of the trailer.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wonderful First Campout

Home again after a wonderful weekend at Four Paws Kingdom Campground. It seemed so appropriate to attend a German Octoberfest with my German-built T@B. Having owned "Mercedes" a mere two weeks, the weekend provided the time to get acquainted with some of the features.

Thursday night was difficult: The sound of the refrigerator kept me awake!! Furthermore, I only unrolled the light-weight sleeping bag so I was cold!! I had a small ceramic heater set on "low" but it, too, was making a noise.

On Friday morning it was delightful to get up (in my pajamas) and put on the tea kettle for tea. First, however, I had to learn how to get the burner to stay on. I could hear the propane emitting from the burner but it would not stay lit. I persisted and learned the secret.

Friday and Saturday nights, I slept very well--and actually spent twelve hours in bed each night. For one thing, I had a sleeping bag inside a sleeping bag so I was toasty warm. For another, I was accustomed to the sound of the refrigerator and heater.

The other T@BBers made me feel so welcome!! Naturally there was a curiosity about my German-built T@B and everyone wanted to see her and make comparisons. I learned so much valuable information. Yes, I have RV'd for years but the T@B has features I have never encountered (all that stuff on the tongue).

FYI: The differences between U.S. and German are slight and it takes a seasoned T@B owner to spot them. The tail lights, and clearance lights, are different. The propane tank is smaller; the battery is smaller. The inside "pop up" roof vent is very small and no screen. I have no furnace, and no city water. Only one light under the shelf, over the sink. (I'll add a portable lamp and use an extension cord to an outlet.) My T@B has shocks.

It was so heartwarming (to this old lady) to receive such a warm welcome at the Rally!! I'm looking forward to future outings!! Incidently, only 87.4 miles round trip. ~~~~~~ Visit Sharon's blog for a very good description of the Saturday night "OcT@Berfest." I "borrowed" the picture from Sharon. Rarely will you find a picture of me on my blogs.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Variety is the spice of life!


The following pictures illustrate just a few of the T@B teardrops for the "OcT@Berfest" at the Four Paws Kingdom campout.

(Below) Notice the subtle differences: Notice placement of vent. Mine is near the roof. His is near the refrigerator. No front window.

(Below) Yet another with "Orange Krush" trim. See Cool Cat air-conditioner/furnace vent lower left? No "porthole." They have a fresh water connection; I don't.

(Below) Front window; no "porthole" opposite the door.

(Below) Front and back of a "Clam Shell." The kitchen is outside, at the back.

(Below) Some owners put up two tents. (Another "Clam Shell.")

(Below) Some owners put up a very large tent!

(Below) Some T@B owners upgrade to a larger trailer. Here's T@DA.

(Below) Two different awnings.

I didn't get pictures of all the T@B teardrops at the
Four Paws Kingdom campout. The weather was pretty disagreeable most of the weekend!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Inside of my T@B

(Below) Using the two-burner stove for the first time--to heat water for tea. Picture on the right shows the folding screen, open, behind the burners. The light over the sink / stove is the only light in the T@B.

(Below) The rear of the trailer with three cabinets. The sofa "back" is down and I have things (like sleeping bag and extra blankets) stored under the cabinets.) Pillows provide a camouflage in front of stored items. I'm using the foam mattress from Little Guy (see my other blog), crosswise because I'm short enough (5'2") to sleep crosswise. Gold color bedspread covers the extra mattress.

(Below) Wall opposite the door. White corduroy cushions. Sheer curtains with wood valance.

Across from the door. I have a portable potty where some T@Bs have a Cool Cat. Then small clothes closet with cupboard underneath. And you are back to the small kitchen counter next to the sink. Notice net "catch all" above the window / valance (over both big windows). The very small vent in the roof of the non-carpeted ceiling.

(Below) Everyone loves the "Diamond Plate" appearance of the vinyl flooring.

Having a great time at 4 Paws Kingdom Campground T@B rally!! Everyone loves Mercedes!!! (FYI: Mercedes is my name for my T@B.)

Postscript, 11/04/09: From a German web site--a 360 degrees tour of a T@B like mine. While you are at the web site, click and view "Abbildungen" (illustration, image). ~~ Enjoy!! ~~ And (8/11/11), more interesting info.


Would you, too, have upgraded??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Four Paws Kingdom Campground

The brochure says "Four Paws Kingdom Campground: The first and only dog dedicated campground in the U.S.!" I don't own a dog so I can't really appreciate all the benefits afforded four-footed-friends. However, I find this location very rustic and charming. Much to see yet because I haven't left my site thus far. "Meet and greet" is at 7:30 but I've already met a lot of the other T@BBers. Everyone quickly gathered near my T@B to see my unit. Mercedes and I were the center of attention for a couple of hours.

At 4:30 the group scattered. I closed the door, turned on the little ceramic heater, and took off my coat. I fixed a light snack because a long time since breakfast!!

The weather forecast was rain for today. It was overcast and cold when I transferred things from the apartment to the trailer. Then I hitched the KIA to the T@B and went back to the apartment to change from "work" clothes to something more presentable. It could not have been ten minutes later when I emerged ready to depart. It was raining hard!! Boy did I feel blessed!!

The Post Office was one of my first stops to send a very special letter needing verification of receipt by the recipient. The Motor Vehicle Department was another "must" on my "To Do" list. Now I am the registered owner of my T@B and a new title will arrive in the mail in a few weeks. En route out of Shelby, I stopped at the Ingles market to buy food for the potluck Friday night.

Within the last ten miles of Four Paws Kingdom Campground, I spotted a Family Dollar store (near an Ingles) and stopped to buy a spiral notebook. (I left home without any scratch paper, or notebook, and I'm BIG on writing down the details.) As I was ready to leave the shopping center, another T@B owner pulled in for gas. I drove near them, and got out to extend greetings. They have been to this campground before so I followed them.... After check-in, and pulling on to the site, we (Mercedes and I) had a host of visitors. They made me feel so welcome!!

Autumn colors in the trees outside my nice big windows. Sixty-five degrees outside at 6:05 PM. I see that some of the T@B have decorative lights strung around the awning or EZ-Up tent. I'll get a better look later when I walk to the "fireplace" for a social time. ~~ By the way, free WiFi!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


A number of blog messages follow regarding my recent purchase of a T@B. Ignore the time stamp at the bottom of each because I "saved" the time slot (so I could return later). I will write... so the information reads in chronological order. Enjoy!!

Love At First Sight

The T@B was parked along busy State Route 5 in Shipshewana, Indiana. A "for sale" sign caught my attention. I told my friend-cousin to turn around so I could get the phone number. He seemed reluctant but kindly respected my request. After peeking in the windows--and writing down the numbers--we continued to Menno-Hof.

Friend-cousin, Dale R., and I have Mennonite ancestry. We have toured
Menno-Hof (separately) in the past but were eager to see it again. It is a wonderful tribute to our early Anabaptist ancestors.

After the tour, while Dale browsed the Book Store, I called the two numbers--and left a message with my name and cell phone number.

When the call was returned, and the price given, I said "I'm a woman of faith and I have to pray about it before I give you an answer. The price is right but I don't want to make a hasty commitment."

A day later I called to inquire if the T@B was still available. It was--and I made an appointment to see the inside. On Thursday, September 24th, I met with the owner --was impressed with all the features (and extras)-- and began the process of transferring money from my bank to his. We moved the T@B from the conspicuous location to his home.

My KIA did not have the right plug-in for the lights so I went to a nearby shop and "got wired" (ha!). I had a test drive and my car seemed to pull the T@B OK.

There are so many remarkable details to this story!! I want to share every awesome nuance. Prior to making the commitment to purchase, I phoned
Sullivan RV in Decatur, Indiana and asked "Will a six cylinder KIA pull a T@B okay?" The woman's answer: "I remember you. You were here on Monday, you were driving a KIA, pulling a little silver trailer, and you were wearing a purple dress. Yes, your KIA will pull the T@B; come on down and we'll get you all set up." I explained about the used model I was planning to see. When she heard the price, she said "If you don't buy it, let us know because my brother will buy it and put it on the lot. If you need a place to park your Little Guy, you can leave it here while you take the T@B back to North Carolina." ~~ Yes, I had stopped there on Monday, September 21st, to admire an aqua-color T@B prominently displayed on their RV Sales lot. The folks were delightful to visit with and I lingered for over an hour!!

To follow my trip chronologically click Little Guy Teardrop Trailer Travels--To Indiana.

Little Guy Teardrop Trailer Travels--To Indiana

At this point in my T@B Teardrop narrative, let me back-up a few days. I've been traveling with a Little Guy Teardrop trailer for over a year. You can read about my travels on another blog. On Monday, September 21st, we (Little Guy and I) were en route to Elkhart, Indiana, for trailer repair. (Actually, we left North Carolina on Thursday, September 17th.) I visited with friends and family in the Dayton, Ohio, area on the weekend. Then (Monday) a leisurely drive to Richmond, Indiana, where I revisited Tom Raper RVs. I bought a Class B mini-motorhome from them in 2000. The Dodge L.E.R. Industries mini-motorhome took me comfortably across the United States to California, and back to Ohio, and later North Carolina.

After a brief stop at Tom Raper's, I drove to
Earlham College. My great grandmother attended that college in the 1840's (I don't have the information handy with the exact date). I've done genealogical research in the Lilly Library and purchased books in the Book Store.

Next stop:
The Levi Coffin House in nearby Fountain City, Indiana. I had just missed the weekend event "Levi Coffin Days" (third weekend of September). Levi Coffin is my first cousin, eight times removed. Read about this man with the title "President of the Underground Railroad."

From Fountain City, I was heading North on State Route 33 when I spotted the aqua-color T@B at

To follow my trip chronologically click
Amish Buggies at Goshen Wal-Mart.