Saturday, December 17, 2011

Moving to a new location !!

For over three years I've used Google's Blogspot. They have made several changes this past year and it has become extremely difficult to create an individual blog. Today, without any warning, while working on a message, things changed radically!! I attempted to regain the former format--to no avail. I went to the "help" menu and read everything I could find that applied to my dilemma. There seems to be no immediate resolve so I searched for another place to publish my blog messages. ~~ At first, I'll be experimenting with appearance, etc., (at the new location), and exploring my options. ~~ Bear with me; allow this old lady some latitude. After all, I'm "three quarters and counting." ~~ My new blog address: 
Postscript, Jan. 1, 2012, 12:20 PM: I have not experienced a single problem with my blog on the new location. I'm amazed at how effortless to import pictures!! It was a continuous struggle here at Google's Blogspot. ~~ Come visit me in 2012. Visit my blog but also visit me if you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area!!

...and The Three Tenors

Five squirrels at the same time, several Cardinals, a dozen Doves and The Three Tenors. I've been seated just inside my patio door all morning watching the squirrels, and birds, feed on the feast I've spread for them (and took nineteen pictures). Sadly (for me) the squirrels have not found the new peanut feeder. I want a picture of a squirrel on that feeder!! So I've waited patiently--while listening to The Three Tenors singing Christmas music.

In the fullness of time....

No, I didn't sit by the window all day!! But I was working on "downsizing" projects in the living room and watched the squirrels come and go. Finally, at 3:35, a squirrel stretched full length to examine the contents of that new feeder. Minutes earlier he had enjoyed a drink of water--and I thought he would surely find the peanuts. Over the next half-hour he made numerous trips... and invited his siblings and cousins. There was a parade of my furry friends grabbing a peanut and then running for the trees. 

Comment: It required more patience to create this message than waiting on the squirrels!! While working on this... the format changed unexpectedly (not my action). Suddenly there were fewer "tools" available. The worse problem: I lost control of arrangement of the pictures. I wanted these side-by-side. 

Ignore the time stamp. I wanted this message to follow "... The Three Tenors."

Left click on a picture to enlarge it for better viewing. Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shopping spree !!

Yes, I went shopping yesterday. The squirrels needed another seed block in one feeder. Several months ago I found a wonderful place called "Wild Bird Center." At that time, I bought the baffles that stop the squirrel from climbing the Shepherd's hooks (and other purchases). I love to browse their store!! Yesterday, I saw, and purchased, a red dome to shelter a Hummingbird feeder. No Hummingbirds at this time of year but a red dome will help attract them next year. Another red feeder for sunflower seeds but I'll wait... because I already have three feeders (with sunflower seeds) that the birds are already familiar with. I won't open the flat feeder (front & center) until a later date. I may use it for the deer food feeder. Yes, I launched into feeding the deer!! Temporarily, deer food is in a brand-new red "kitty litter" box, with a salt lick, at the edge of lawn/woods. I'm realistic: Raccoons may get to the food before the deer. ~~~~ Comment, 1:30 PM: A squirrel is feasting on goodies in the familiar place. I'm anxious for it to find the whole peanut feeder. (Left click on a picture to enlarge.)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh, what a beautiful morning; Oh, what a wonderful day!!

Just before 8 o'clock (after that beautiful sunrise), seventeen seniors from the Waxhaw Creek Apartments (where I live) boarded the little JAARS bus en route to Charlotte. Picture number 4 documents that five (or more) of my coworkers (at Vernacular Media) arrived (by car) at approximately the same time. In total, there were more than fifty volunteers from JAARS volunteering at Operation Christmas Child!! Conservatively, there were 200 workers in the receiving area before dividing into smaller groups to see a video and listen to instructions. Then we stood in long lines, single file, before moving to our work station. ~~ Each box went through three or four pair of hands, several steps. ~~ We departed with indelible memories, a T-shirt and a Christmas ornament. ~~ The seniors had lunch at Golden Corral prior to returning to JAARS. ~~ (Left click on a picture to enlarge.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better than Netflix

Better than Netflix (IMHO). ~~ Left click on a picture for a larger view. ~~ Refills shown in last picture.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Squirrel news

The squirrels disappeared for a couple of weeks. I missed them terribly!! I asked questions of longtime residents here at JAARS and was told the squirrels were gathering acorns for the winter--or hibernating. I was thrilled when they reappeared about ten days ago AND put out their food again (packed away). I've had four at one time... recently. You can see that I pamper the squirrels. (I didn't put out the chair with squirrel feeder but scatter corn and sunflower seeds on the patio.) ~~ Check my earlier blog for the complete story regarding my relationship with the cute little critters.

Comment: Even after a phone call to Windstream, I'm still having a problem uploading pictures!! This squirrel picture was the best of ten that I attempted to add to this blog message. I'll keep trying!!

Bad upload pictures

These are in reverse order. The last attempt is top left; the first attempt is the last picture at the bottom. I've been battling this problem for over two weeks!!