Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shelby Snow Photos

The early morning sun glistening on the icy trees.

Almost noon. There's ice on that Smiley face!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I've been waiting--and watching!! It started snowing at 2:20 PM. This storm was predicted... and we may have six inches before Sunday. The entire 469 mile long Blue Ridge Parkway has been shut down. Over twelve inches of snow is anticipated in the mountains near Asheville.

4 o'clock: There is a lot of snow on the grass. Snow is falling steadily.


Postscript, Saturday, 12/19/09, 8:30 AM: BIG disappointment; small snow!! The big storm has moved further North to Virginia, Washington DC, and the Northeastern states. Only about an inch of snow on the ground at my apartment. The sidewalk was a sheet of ice when I went out to take a few pictures. Locations in the mountains (less than eighty miles away) have as much as eighteen inches of snow.


Postscript, Saturday, 12/19/09, 12:30 PM: I'm going to post the pictures in a separate blog (I think). This snow is "mild" compared to many locations---but unique to a lot of people living in "The South."


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Public Broadcasting System programming

Last night, a beautiful program on the Public Broadcasting System: Andrea Bocelli, My Christmas. It was spectacular!! One song (The Lord's Prayer) was particularly meaningful: Andrea with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. My travels have taken me to Salt Lake City, Utah, for genealogical research. I spent several nights sleeping in my van, in a parking lot near Temple Square. I could see the magnificent lighting on the Temple. I sat in the gallery of the Tabernacle during a Sunday morning radio-TV broadcast. While Bocelli was singing... I could re-experience sitting in the Tabernacle.

A couple of hours later, the sixth episode of Ken Burns
The National Parks, America's Best Idea. How privileged we are to have the Parks available to us!! I've visited many of the Parks but learned of some I didn't know existed. It was dejavu when the pictures, and narrative, were focused on the surge of tourists to Yellowstone National Park in 1948. That year, my parents took the family on a month-long road trip that included Yellowstone, Glacier, Jackson Hole, Bryce, Zion, and everything in between Oregon and Yellowstone. I remember floating on the Great Salt Lake. Because the exceptionally high salt content makes the water incredibly buoyant, the favorite snapshot had a family member "sitting" in the Lake reading a newspaper.

I've been on that gravel road, at Denali, in Alaska. Last night I heard the story of the fight to stop the construction of paved roads in that National Park.

The National Parks, America's Best Idea, I am re-energized to visit more of our Parks with my wonderful little T@B trailer. You too??


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Counting my blessings !!

Despite bitter cold in the Carolina's, our weather is mild compared to most of the U.S. If you haven't been buried in two feet of snow, you've seen the images on TV. I'm grateful for a warm comfortable apartment (and sufficient retirement funds to keep a roof over my head)!!!!!

On Tuesday, December 8th, my 2006 KIA was at the dealership for routine maintenance. I used the several hours (in the waiting room) to hand write a holiday newsletter. Later that day, I typed the details into my computer. Christmas music ("The 3 Tenors," and "The Mormon Tabernacle Choir") filled the air from my decade-old "boom box" CD player. (I remember how old it is because it survived the terrible van-travel trailer accident in May 2000. The Ford van, and Kit travel trailer, was totally destroyed!! It's a miracle I wasn't killed!! Counting my blessings!!)

From my overabundance of hoarded personal possessions, I pulled many boxes of new Christmas cards. I cleared the kitchen table, opened the address book and began the process. I've been writing a personal message on each card--specific to our relationship. I'll mail upwards to one hundred cards.

The outdoor temperature was bearable (for an old lady) at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon (Dec. 11th). I drove to Shelby Post Office for Madonna and Child stamps, and Office Max for copies of the newsletter. (Click that link and you can read my message to family and friends.)

I shopped for a few groceries, at Aldi's, before returning home. (I rarely go to Aldi's [too few organic items] but it was in the same area with Office Max.)

I'm a "wimp" when it comes to cold, wintry weather!! I have a reservation at
American Heritage RV Park, in Williamsburg, Virginia, for New Year's Eve festivities--a Rally with other T@B owners. I hope, and pray, the weather warms up at the end of the month because I have planned to spend a week in that area.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Globe

Sahalie Snow Globe

New! The "Off the Beaten Path" snow globe! Inspired by our Holiday 2009 photo shoot, this exclusive features our vintage Ranchero and trailer...decorated Sahalie style!

A unique take on the holiday snow globe. Use it to decorate your mantle, coffee table or side table. Keep it out all winter long – the style works as a seasonal decoration, too.

79708 Sahalie Snow Globe
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See it on the web.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

"The weather outside is frightful...."

An unusual weather pattern dumped snow on Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, and other Southern States. Rain in Shelby. I stayed in my apartment all day working on an unusual project.

I did not spend much money on my Little Guy Teardrop trailer. I outfitted it with used items. Not so with "Mercedes"--my T@B Teardrop trailer. I've wanted the inside to look as cute as the outside!! My spending hasn't been limited to towels, smoke- carbon monoxide detector, small Sony DVD player, etc. I purchased four new tires for my KIA--larger size tires so I "leveled" the two vehicles. Also--for appearance sake--an expensive car wash and wax. (I still had Georgia mud on, and under, the car.) New windshield wipers.... Appointment at the KIA dealership for double-check so my towing vehicle is running at optimum performance.

Back to my comment in the first paragraph about "working on an unusual project." My laptop computer is now three years old. I'm still using the Windows XP operating system!! I'd like a new laptop ***BUT*** I'm spending money on Mercedes and the KIA, RV resorts and T@B rallies. So I bought the best Internet Security software I could find (my other had just expired) and I bought "Fix-It Utilities 10" because they advertise "Keep your PC running like new!". ~~ It took the entire day (Friday) to install... and run all the "fixes." Indeed, I see a comparison: The computer--like the KIA with new tires--runs better!!

So, to paraphrase an old song: "The weather outside is frightful, but here by the computer is so delightful!!" Make that: "... but Mercedes, KIA & computer are so delightful!!" You get the message??

FYI: Snow in Shelby, North Carolina, in January 2009.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Frappr web site

It's a cold, rainy day in North Carolina. The time is twelve noon and I'm still in my warm pajamas and robe. I've been browsing T@B web sites. I found -- previously unknown to me. They have an interactive map showing the location of T@B owners. ~~ I tried to include the map, and info, but was unsuccessful. I'll keep trying. Meanwhile, click on this link to see the map.

Postscript, 1/17/2010: Sorry, Frappr disappeared into cyberspace effective 1/1/2010. Well, it almost disappeared. For $24.99 I could have continued to display for one year.