Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mildly depressed !!

The T@B Teardrop Rally is in full swing at Raccoon Holler along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. I made my reservation last year and had every intention of attending. Plans changed; I moved from North Carolina BUT still planned to attend. Every penny of saving went into the purchase of the 2003 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer followed by (unplanned expense of)  major roof repair. It breaks my heart to miss the camaraderie of friends with T@B trailers. But I am reminiscing--and seeing with my mind's eye--the people and activities because this rally is back at the 2012 location. Details are documented--in pictures--on this link,  and this link, and this link. FYI: You might like to read about After the Rally. (Yes, that's your's truly at the 2012 T@B Blue Ridge Rally. ) ~~ You and I can follow this year's activities on the hostess' blog titled Postcards from the Road.

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