Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whatcha been doin' ?

I've shared with you--from time to time--that I am depressed by the clutter in my apartment. Furthermore, sporadically, I work on separating myself from cherished items and memorabilia. Friday, and Saturday, was spent shuffling boxes around so I could get to three large containers of Collector's Plates. First: "the shuffle"; second: inventory and isolation by series or theme. Third: check the web--and eBay--for current value; fourth: list the items "for sale" on a web link. Oh, so time-consuming!!!! I know there is limited interest in thirty-five year old Bicentennial and Rockwell plates. But (give me a gold star for effort) I have taken a giant step toward downsizing. Today, I must!! organize (and clean) the apartment so it is "presentable" for potential visitor-buyers. ~~ Bye; gotta go!!

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